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New York Post: “Why I went flat after breast cancer”

Prevention Magazine: “20 Doctor-Recommended Natural Remedies”

Shape Magazine: “Breast Cancer: A Family Affair”

Reader’s Digest: “Breast Cancer Heroes You’ve Never Heard Of”

Parade Magazine:  “Real Men Do Wear Pink”

Parade Magazine Online:  “Cancer Survivors Tell Their Stories”

Body + Soul (a Martha Stewart Publication): “Coming of Age”

Body + Soul (a Martha Stewart Publication): “Somebody to Lean On”

Woman’s Day:  “My Father Saved My Life”

Woman’s Day:  “You Have Breast Cancer…Now What?”

Woman’s Day:  “Facing Breast Cancer: Getting the Right Support”

New York Post:  “Help is Nearby if Cancer Strikes”

Healthy Advice Magazine:  “Chemotherapy and Your Hair”


The New York Times:  “Tossing the Royal Bouquet, One Generation to the Next”

The New York Times:  “Don’t Just Throw Him Crumbs”

The New York Times:  “Right Next to the Cake Topper?  Why, That’s a Jar of Rainwater”

The New York Times:  “With This Dress I Thee Wed and Wed and Wed”

The New York Times:  “Who Invited the Mosquitoes?”

Parenting & Grandparenting

Better Homes & Gardens:  “Eight Ways to Afford Summer Camp””  “When a Grandchild Gets an Odd Name”  “Are Your Grandkids Giving You Fundraising Fatigue?”  “How Grandchildren Show They Love You”   “How to Choose Your Grandparent Name”

Travel “A New York Family heads west to check out the skiing, dining, and culture in Park City, Utah” “Rock On at the Panama Canal”  “Venice, Italy With Teens In Tow”  “Adventures in Legoland California”  “A California Road Trip”  “Kid-Friendly NYC”  “Teen-Friendly NYC”


NYCitywoman Website: “Why Shop When You Can Swap?”

Woman’s Day Website:  “10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Clothing Swap”

Infographics & Slide Shows Find Your Chiquita Banana Nice Cream Create the Perfect Breakfast Bowl Top Resources for Colon Cancer Support


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